dulcimer [dul′səmôr΄dul′sə mər]
[ME doucemer < OFr doulcemer < Sp dulcemele < L dulce-melos < dulce, neut. of dulcis, sweet (see DULCET) + melos < Gr, a song, strain]
1. a zither having a usually trapezoidal shape and a number of metal strings, which are struck with two small hammers by the player
2. a zither of the southern Appalachians, often long and hourglass-shaped, played on the lap or a table by plucking with a wooden plectrum or goose quill: also dulcimore [dul′səmôr΄]
3. Bible a musical instrument, variously interpreted to be a harp, bagpipe, etc.: see Dan. 3:5

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